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90-Day Diet

90-Day Diet

Application Design and Project Management

The 90 Day diet is an IOS/Android app which guides the users through a sequence of days where the dieter eats proteins on one day, vegetables on another etc. My client came to me with a basic idea for an app to guide the users through the diet.

The Design Challenge

This project presented several complicated design challenges, especially in tearms of UX design. My client had an idea for the app, and she presented me with a basic framework (see below). So I had to first get more information from her about how her diet works, and I soon realized that I needed to improve upon the basic idea she originally presented me. Also the diet need a good branding solution

The Solution

In order to start this project, I needed to do was design a simple to use UX solution that included all the functionality the client had requested. I used Balsamic to develop a UX framework. After several revisions, a successful UX framework was completed.

The next step in this project was to design a branding solution for the diet. A light blue was chosen as the domninate color in the branding due to the color's ability to suppress appetite. The final step in the design process was to design UI.

Project Management

Along with being the designer of the the app, I was also in charge with the management of the development of the application. I was responsable for testing and creating bug reports. I also continue to manage the communication between my client in Switzerland and the developers in Pakistan.

Download the IOS App | Download the Android App


90-Day Diet

Branding Concept

90-Day Diet

Original plan from the client

90-Day Diet

Developed UX framework

90-Day Diet

App Screen Shot

90-Day Diet

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