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Cheer Salt Lake

Cheer Salt Lake

Complete design package

Not only did we get an amazing design, we got amazing results in Google through Valina's work. After just few weeks, we were not just #1 in the search engines, but our pages held 8 of the top 10 spots. Because of our strong online presence we were able to recruit some amazing talent to our team.

Cheer Salt Lake has been the most involved project I have ever undertaken in my life. Not only am I the designer, I am the Founder and Program Director of the team. I established the team as soon as I moved to the Salt Lake City, and based it off the highly successful model of charitable cheerleading of Cheer San Francisco. Despite having zero connections and zero cheerleading experience, I was able to connect with the right people to help make the team a reality. As a result, we are one of the fastest growing PCA teams ever!

As I am more of a graphic designer and less of a cheerleader, the first thing I did was create the branding of the team and a web page. I also created beautiful recruitment flyers and placed them around town as part of the initial recruitment campaign. With a little patience and a lot of luck I managed to connect with talented people to form a small team. Now we are around 20 members, and the team is growing fast.

Initially I had selected teal as the team colors, but the team later voted on purple. This called for a re-design of the webpage and re-coloring of the logo. The new webpage has been very well received, and Hero Framework provided the perfect solution for managing the 13 different content types the team needs for it's web presence. More importantly, as soon as I dropped Wordpress and developed my site in Hero, Our Google ranks shot up to not just #1, but #1-#8 for 'cheerleading in Salt Lake City.' Due to this, we were able to attract a lot of talented people to the team.

Along with the page, I worked with my uniform rep to design the uniform. I selected an a-line pleated skirt and V top to represent the mountains and valleys in this area.

Overall I am very excited about where the team is going, and I strongly believe we will be the most popular charitable entreatment groups in the area. I am very proud of everything I have designed for the team, but more importantly I am very honored to have attracted an amazing group of talented athletes to call my friends

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Cheer SL Website

Cheer Salt Lake

Final Logo

Cheer Salt Lake

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Cheer Salt Lake

Recruitment Flyer

Cheer Salt Lake

Uniform Design

Cheer Salt Lake

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