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Cheer San Francisco

Website Redesign

Cheer San Francisco has been thrilled with the site design and implementation work that Valina has done for us. Both the site visual and structural design are exactly what we wanted. Valina proved to be skilled, responsive and flexible, and worked closely and effectively with our own staff to launch the new

The Design Problem;

After the launch and completion of Cheer Salt Lake's page, I was immediately contacted by the Board of Directors of Cheer San Francisco to give their web presence a much needed facelift. Their old site was rather out of date, and had an extremely confusing menu system. Furthermore it was very difficult for them to update their page as often as they had wanted. Therefore I was charged to:

Create a modern look for the team's webpage

Make all the page information easy to find.

Make it easy for the team to update information

The Design Solution:

I approached this project by first tackling the 30 years of information on their old page. I needed to first approach from an information design design perspective. After several drafts, I developed a logical menu system which made the information more easily accessible to the end user

After the information design, I then designed the look for the site. Using the red from the logo, I designed the visual elements of the site. The header background features the beautiful skyline of the City of San Francisco instead of members of the team. Having older team members on the header of their old page made the site feel dated really quickly, especially after the team changed their uniform design. I needed something that wouldn't make the site feel dated and could represent the team. therefore I chose the skyline of the city they so-well represent.

Finally, once the design was approved (and LOVED)I began the process of implementing a content management system. After discussing Wordpress, I decided that Hero Framework would be an easier and better system to develop this site. I had seen amazing SEO Results from migrating Cheer Salt Lake's site off Wordpress and onto Hero, and I wanted Cheer SF to get the same benefits. The site is ran by 9 separate weblogs to control the information, which is not quite as complicated as Cheer Salt Lake's page. However it is easy for Cheer San Francisco to manage all the content with Hero

Overall, Cheer San Francisco is very pleased with the work I put in on their site. In fact, I even threw in a mobile version of their site for free. I even made sure to give them all the on-page SEO optimization possible, so they can use this site to grow their organization beyond "cheerleading in San Francisco"

I have also done a lot of smaller design projects for the team, including the team banner and back stage passes for Pride

Website Design

Cheer San Francisco

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