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Kari's Magic Parties

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Where to start. This girl is AMAZING. I know enough to build my own functional site, and had wanted something more professional, about a year ago. From the very beginning, Valina sent me a very long, detailed questionnaire for me to fill out, to determine exactly what I was looking for, what my website was going to be about, how soon I needed it...everything. I was a part of every step of the process--constantly emailing and calling back and forth--she made sure that everything was exactly how I envisioned it, and she took my visions and brought them to life, and made them even better than I knew possible with her skills and talents. After the website was done (and she did EVERYTHING--the photo galleries, contact forms, FAQs, news feed, about us, etc), she set up a Skype session with me to carefully walk me through exactly how to make changes on the site myself--a TOTALLY easy system. She responds to every question and idea quickly and effectively. Since she's finished the site, I've gotten a TON of new clients, and have even had people call to say that while choosing between my business and a competitor, they chose us because the website was so professional! It really has made a huge difference. I would recommend using Valina to ANYONE, she is worth every penny. Thank you Valina!!!!

Kari came to me a while back via word-of-mouth as she had been very frustrated with the work (or lack there of) from her previous web designer. Apparently she was in a bind, and her site was falling apart at the seams. So she asked me to take command and give her a site that would really stand out

The Design Problem:

Kari had been running a pretty successful business providing party characters for birthday parties and other events. Since most party character sites focused around Princess parties for girls, she really wanted a site to be designed in gender neutral colors. Also I wanted to give her logo a nice update to give her company a refreshing facelift.

The Process/Solution

The first thing I did was redesign the logo. She had requested stars, and I wanted something that I knew would distinguish her and reflect her personality. After the logo was complete I completed several mood boards to test out some color schemes. In the end I presented her with two possible color schemes, an analogous teal scheme and a pentatonic tangerine theme. Although Kari loved both of the potential solutions, she felt the tangerine was defiantly the best for her business

After we found the perfect color scheme for her company's new look, it was time to design the page. The predominate image was a gender-neutral castle that could easily be interrupted as either a knight's castle or princess' castle.

The site was built in Hero Framework and has several webblogs and a photo gallery. All of the information, including the header tags are easly accessible and editable by Kari. Also, I standardized the size of all of the character and performer pictures.

The result:

All in all Kari has been very pleased with her web site. Her customers have been delighted to see her page, and her business has increased since the page was launched.


Kari's Magic Parties

Website Design

Kari's Magic Parties

Color Scheme Mood Board

Kari's Magic Parties

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