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Sparky's Balloons in San Francisco was one of my first clients in the Bay Area. Well after successfully helping them attract out of town customers for balloon orders at their party supply store, Sparky's called on me again when they acquired a small toy store.

Sparky's has always given me a lot of freedom as a designer, so when I heard about their toy story I knew I could go all out and design my heart out. Since this was geared towards kids, I decided to go for FUN and break some standard web design practices.

I first designed a lot of characters for the toy store. The characters, Sparky the Robot and his friends were really well loved, and we are planning to make promotional stickers to give to children, and maybe even make original toys in the future!

In developing the website, I wanted something that was going to really appeal to children and parents. I also decided to give the site unique features to draw traffic, by adding games, coloring book pages and even a for-parents blog.

Click here to view the live site I feel with the success Sparkys has had with their party supply store, the toy store is really going to take off. I am so excited to be a part of this company.

Sparky's Website

Sparky's Toys

Characters Created for Sparky's

Sparky's Toys

Coloring Book Page

Sparky's Toys

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