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YoXi 123

YoXi 123

Creating Vector Assets for Social Media

In January 2011 I was hired on as the Lead Creative Designer at YoXi 123, a startup working on Huggy Hearts, a virtual greeting card application on Facebook.  I was responsible for creating vector asset used as "stickers" to decorate their own cards and send them to their friends.   All the stickers I created were vector illustrations using Illustrator, and the backgrounds were done in both Illustrator and Photoshop.

Along with creating the stickers I was responsible for creating the cataloging system of the assets, implementing them into Flash and managing back end management of the app. 

All in all, I created well nearly 700 vector assets for the the application and implemented hundreds more into the systems.  I also created several flash animations, and made banner advertizments for facebook.

Butterfly and heart assets

YoXi 123

Easter assets

YoXi 123

Summertime assets

YoXi 123

Mother's Day card

YoXi 123

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